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Your Number 1 priority of getting a product that will help you brew your perfect hot beverage with ease, speed, cost efficiency, and love. We are a place where your hunt for perfect electric kettles ends. We KYO has made the mind to help people find an efficient electric kettle that is pocket friendly without a compromise on quality. Where quality is our top asset, we also keep our customers very close to our brand. Our customers are the asset we invest in, and hence customer service we have at KYO is just top-notch. You may come to us, and you will for sure not go back without an electric kettle that won't take much of your cash as well.


KYO is a brand which is inspired by the same ethics from Japan, that us as an end consumer have come to love and trust. “Brand loyalty, design excellence, intelligent & eco-friendly production, quality control and assurance of quality” is just some of a few mantras that we try and follow at KYO. We are bringing out a range of home electrical appliances as well as specialized electric kettles that are efficient in working and easy on the pocket. Our specialized designs are an ideal fit for almost all spaces or also to accompany during your travels. Our aim is to allow our customers to enjoy these high-end products at affordable prices. Quality and sleek designs, ease of use, efficiency, energy saving, safety and affordability is what we promise to deliver.

Why is KYO so special for clients?

At KYO we always remember to put our client’s requirements first before designing and releasing our products. We understand that home electrical appliances are a daily driver, it must be efficient, safe, easy to use and affordable. This first segment of Electrical Kettles launched by KYO will help you make your hot beverage any time of the day with ease and efficiency. Whether you are running late to a meeting and need to take away your Americano; or perhaps you need a green tea to be infused quickly since you are already late for your Yoga class; Maybe you just need to allow your water to keep warm whilst having a tea party with your friends ~ KYO offers a range of selection which is able to suit all your daily needs.

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